Sewer Jetting & Sewer Camera Services

Avoid a Messy Plumbing Problem

Avoid a Messy Plumbing Problem

Arrange for a sewer line inspection in Lamar, IN

Sewer lines aren't something you can easily see, so clogs could go unnoticed until they start causing major problems. You don't want to have bigger and costlier damage in the future, so you shouldn't wait to get in touch with Gruber Industries, LLC.

We perform full sewer line inspections for clients in Lamar, IN and the surrounding areas. With over 15 years of experience, we know how to spot potential issues and conduct sewer line jetting to keep pipes clear and water flowing. Call 812-529-8291 now to schedule a sewer line inspection.

You'll like our easy inspection process

Sewer line inspections are important, so we value making our process easy. We follow simple steps, such as...

  • Using an underground camera to scan the pipes for possible issues
  • Giving clients a digital readout and PDF with the inspection results
  • Performing sewer line jetting to clear obstructions from the pipes

Contact us today to take advantage of our discount for active military, first responders and veterans.